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What Is The Wider Web?

We often use the phrase "the wider web" and it can be a bit mysterious. Here's a quick overview:

The wider web is a near-future web that responsively supports:

Three display modes:

An illustration of a handset in flat mode, a handset in portal mode, and an immersive head mounted display

Three control types:

An illustration of a handset with page controls, a handset with controls overlaying an augmented reality scene, and a head mounted display with spatial controls

New input types:

An illustration showing a hand making gestures, a tracked wand as is used in virtual reality, and a mouth giving voice commands.

More hugs, fewer thugs:

One important aspect of the wider web is that we're opening our arms wider to welcome more people. People with different abilities. People with different beliefs (except fascism). People with different wants and needs.

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